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I help businesses build a profitable online presence and teach designers

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I help craft profitable digital experiences for global brands and emerging businesses. With a focus on design thinking and user experience, I design and develop online experiences that convert visitors into paying customers

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Andrew Kelly

I was very fortunate to have Rabeea on my team. She brought an energy to the team that has yet to be replaced, a contiguous excitement and passion for what she was working on and the conviction to back up her beliefs. Rabeea was never satisfied by "good enough" and pushed everyone around her to be better. Her designs were overwhelmingly embraced by our business and she dedicated time to research and strategy.

I felt comfortable having Rabeea in meetings with our VP's and other senior leaders as she would always be prepared and never shied from making her voice heard. Her hard work, attention to detail and confidence made her such a valuable team member and I have no doubt she'll continue to do great things throughout her career.

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