Empaqt - Blockchain Fundraising Platform


Project Scope

Develop a clickable prototype for a crowdsourcing platform for sustainable development that primarily uses cryptocurrencies.


Team: Millani Jayasingkam, Lia Elbaz, Adelya Suleymanova

Role: UX Designer 

I worked as a UX designer tasked with designing the website from the ground up. This started with UX research, content auditing, competitive analysis and strategy on information architecture followed by interaction wireframes and prototypes.


  • UX Research
  • Information Architecture
  • Prototyping
  • User Testing
  • Iterations


There were a number of techniques used to research this project.

It was evident fairly early on in the research process that blockchain and cryptocurrencies is a very new technology and most people don’t know much about it. 


I focused on primary research methods such as in-person and phone interviews by connecting with industry leaders and blockchain experts to get an in-depth understanding of the technology and its use. I was fortunate enough to be able to connect and interview people in:

  • Senior blockchain developer at Royal Bank of Canada
  • Sustainable Economist and Financial planner
  • Advisor at Cosmos – Internet of Blockchains
  • Program Director at Blockchain Research Institute

 also interviewed social entrepreneurs and those individuals who have used traditional crowdsourcing platforms and learned more about their experience to get a better understanding of the user. 

  • Hoodbook
  • GH90 and Vancouver Youth Food Alliance
  • Founder at Quest for Harmony
  • Twisted frame
  • Founder at Enable Education

Secondary Research included getting information about best practices for existing crowdsourcing platforms. 

  • 24-35 – Age range of the average crowdfunding campaign investor
  • Campaigns with a personal video raise 105% more than campaigns that do not have a video 
  • 400 words is the average word count in the campaign description for projects that raise the most money
  • $7,000 is the average amount a successful crowdfunding campaign raises

Comparative Competitive Analysis 


User Personas

Who is the user?
Based on the user research, I came up with two personas.

User Journey Map

I wanted to get a better understanding of the user journey and their pain points.


Problem Statement

Social enterprises globally make this world a better place but always struggle with raising funds for their projects.
Investors often feel they don’t trust the traditional non profit system since they cannot track their investment and impact in a reliable way.

Problems with traditional Non-Profit System

  • Limited access to financial services in the developing world 
  • High global transaction and service fees 
  • Vulnerability to fraud 
  • Lack of transparency 
  • Long wait times

How Empaqt solves these problems

Empaqt uses the latest blockchain technology to solve all those problems

  • Access their investment information in real time virtually anywhere 
  • Very low transaction and service fees
  • Cryptographic security that is nearly impossible to hack
  • All investments are tracked on an open distributed ledger which cannot the tempered
  • Transparency in real time
  • Fast settlement with confirmation

User Flows

I wanted to understand the user flow so used user maps to figure out the flow for each user interaction.


I created the wireframes to better understand the flow visually and to start testing initial designs. I also helped with creating final UI screens based on the style guide.


Based on testing results, I refined the filtering process to make it more visually appealing and simple.


I continued to refine my prototype based on testing results and made recommendations based on the findings.

  • Develop an effective way to securely retrieve login and password
  • All social enterprises should track their progress on blockchain to be able to show impact
  • Communication portal for social enterprises and investors
  • Extensive Education Portal for blockchain, cryptocurrency


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Focused, attentive, intelligent, and leader are few words that accurately define Rabeea.

My team and I had the pleasure of working with Rabeea for a short but very fruitful 3-week period. Rabeea and her team worked on the market research and UI/UX design of our web platform. I was greatly impressed with Rabeea’s enthusiasm and zeal to learn during the course of our project. This had a very big impact on the outcome of the project.

I highly recommend Rabeea for positions requiring UI/UX design, market research, and blockchain technology. She would be a great asset to the team/company.

Bofa Udisi
CEO/Co-Founder Alphacore Sustainability Solutions Limited 

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