Lifelong Learning Centre Branding, UI Design

Lifelong Learning Centre is a daycare that needed an identity for its business. 



Brand Consultant

I worked as a Brand Consultant tasked with creating the brand identity for their business.  This started with research, competitive analysis and strategy for creating the user interface design. 


Design Process

The design process that was followed to find the right opportunity and design the best brand identity for Lifelong Learning Centre that is memorable and conveys the brand mission and values. 


Style Guide

Inspired by the mood boards, I created the style guide values that I wanted to communicate.  I decided to go with a minimalist look with simple lines for icons. 


I chose fun colors to bring forth a sense of happiness and fun. 


After conducting some research I decided to use Open Sans for the body text because it nicely complemented the overall sense of professionalism while it’s fun in its look and feels. It’s also easy to read for a better user experience. I also used Chalkduster for the logo because it gave it a handwritten feel.




Clutter-free images read better than a mess of imagery. For example, when in a crowd, prioritize single-subject focus rather than capturing the entire crowd/space.


Avoid stagey photos where people look uncomfortable or the situations seem unreal. Also, be careful not to crop their heads off like in the image to your right.

Perfect lighting

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Logo Design

I explored a few options for the website logo and decided to keep it fun and simple


Iconography applies to all icons and symbols that may appear on your website and throughout your marketing.


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Rabeea is wonderful to work with. She is a forward-thinking, enthusiastic, and great leader/coach. I’ve been having the privilege of working with Rabeea on various projects and I’m impressed by her powerful personality, dedication to success, and exceptional workflow. Very reliable and an inspiring team player who as a team member or a leader earns my highest recommendation.”

Khadijeh Rehmani
Founder Managing Director | AIO App

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