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TELUS is a dynamic, world-leading communications and information technology company with $16 billion in annual revenue and 15 million customer connections spanning wireless, television, and more.

I lead the team on various projects to optimize the user experience as part of the MyTelus Digital Team. 

I am involved in multiple projects including leading the team on the Onboarding Top Actions, Billing Address Change, 2 Factor Authentication, and optimizing the MyTelus Navigation bar for an improved user experience. My responsibilities include:

  • Conducting research: I gather insights and feedback from users to understand their needs, challenges, and goals.

  • Creating user-centered designs: I develop wireframes, prototypes, and visual designs that meet user needs and business objectives.

  • Collaborating with stakeholders: I work closely with product managers, developers, and other stakeholders to align design goals with business goals.

  • Conducting usability testing: I run tests with users to validate designs and identify areas for improvement.

  • Ensuring consistency: I develop design standards and guidelines that maintain consistency and brand identity across products and services.

Case study: Creating a Top Actions Onboarding Experience to decrease client calls and increase customer retention

Problem Statement:

As part of our Never Wait on Hold strategy, how might we reduce the calls from new TELUS customers in their first 60 days? Despite registering for My TELUS, we receive 96.6k calls on topics that are addressable in self-serve, because customers can’t find an answer or need reassurance.

 Challenge: Create a positive first impression in My TELUS to increase trust and build a self-serve habit from Day 1. When a new customer logs into My TELUS, surface the most important self-serve content to make their set-up as seamless as possible and reduce any confusion that may lead to calls. User feedback indicated that in the current experience, it was difficult to navigate and use, and many users were frustrated with the limited having to look for information when setting up their account when they become a customer.



Solution: I led the design of Overview Top Actions at Telus Digital, which was a mobile/web application. I started the design process by conducting user research and conducting design thinking exercises. I worked closely with the product and development teams to identify key user pain points and design solutions to address these issues.



Design Process:


I started out by understanding the customer experience by mapping out the current customer journey for the first 60 days by interviewing stakeholders and users. I conducted user interviews and surveys to gain insights into customer needs and behavior. I analyzed this data to identify key user pain points, including confusing navigation, not knowing where to find the information, and having to wait on hold to get answers to simple questions. 

Key consideration factors:

  • 75.3k - Calls from customers in the first 30 days

  • 96.6k - Addressable calls during the first 60 days (based on related call drivers, B2B + Consumer)

  • 82% - Owners with a positive first 90 days are highly likely to bundle

The key goals and benefits include:

  • Build a self-serve habit from Day 1

  • Address findability issues head-on

  • Reduce the 96.6k addressable calls from new customers

  • Gamify the onboarding experience 

Design Thinking I led a design thinking workshop with the cross-functional team to identify potential design solutions to address user pain points. We generated a range of ideas and narrowed down the best options through a voting process. Based on the user interviews and research, I created customer personas to be shared with the stakeholders and shared the results for alignment.

Top Actions based on research and data 

  • Port-in your phone number - #1 call driver

  • Set up pre-authorized payments - #1  self-serve activity

  • First bill explanation - #2  call driver

  • Manage bill notifications (e.bill) - #3  self-serve activity

  • Device support - #4  call driver

  • Check order status - #5  call driver

  • Download the My TELUS App - Strategic priority

  • Set up 2-factor authentication - My TELUS Onboarding


Prototyping: I created low-fidelity high-fidelity prototypes of the selected design solutions using Figma. I created web and mobile responsive designs. 

Testing: I tested these low-fidelity and high-fidelity prototypes with five business and five consumer customers using to validate the designs and make the necessary revisions. I used affinity mapping by putting a bunch of sticky notes on them and then grouping them based on their similarities (affinities). These groupings were used to help extract insights and themes to from user testing results to build effectively toward the next steps.

Implementation: I worked closely with the development team to ensure the designs were implemented correctly and met technical requirements. I also provided support and guidance for design QA throughout the development process.

Result: The Top Actions Onboarding experience received positive feedback from users, who reported that the experience was easier to navigate and use. The new onboarding experience was well-received, with users reporting that they felt more empowered to easily complete all the activities needed to set up their mobility account. User engagement increased by 50% in the first month after the launch.

Conclusion: The Onboarding Top Actions experience demonstrated the impact that user-centered design can have on user experience and engagement. By conducting user research and design thinking exercises, I was able to identify and address key user pain points, resulting in a more intuitive and user-friendly experience. This project highlights my ability to lead cross-functional teams, create design solutions that align with business goals, and deliver high-quality designs that meet project timelines and budgets.



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